Permanent equipment per team on all stages

• Four compasses;
• Four whistles;
• Four survival blankets;
• Four canteens or similar;
• Four backpacks;
• One First Aid Kit;
• Four flashing red lights, fully working, plus spare batteries;
• Four headlamps or lights, fully working, plus spare batteries;
• Four polar layers or similar;
• Four “windstopper” or rain jackets;
• Four hats or caps/buffs
• One multi-tool pocket knife;
• One spare control card (provided by the organization);
• Four SportIdent cards (owned or rented by the organization);
• A mobile cell phone with full battery ,disconnected and carried in a waterproof container;
• A GPS location system (provided by the organization)

Permanent equipment per team on specific sections

• Four mountain bikes (MTB);
• Four MTB front lights, fully working;
• Four MTB helmets (approved model);
• Two MTB repair kits, allowing the team to be autonomous in case of a breakdown;
• Four harnesses (climbing approved model);
• 12 locking carabineers;
• 20 m of 7mm rope;
• Four stitched slings (60 cm) + 4 stitched slings (120 cm);
• Four rappel systems (figure of eight+ prussic rope+gloves);
• Two rope ascension systems (Jumar+Basic+Pedal)
• Four pairs of Inline skates and/or TRIKKES (2 TRIKKES per team provided by the organization - should be requested to the email teams@portugalxpdrace.com);
• Four sets of Inline skating protection pads;
• Four waterproof bags;
• Four paddles (provided by the organisation);
• Four life vests (provided by the organisation);
• Six light sticks (12h) + two white strobe lamps;
• Four wetsuits;

Recommended Equipment:

• Waterproof map holder;
• Cycle computer;
• MTB map holder;
• Altimeter;
• Trash bags;
• Lighter/matches;
• Hiking poles;
• Fins for swimming and bodyboard;
• Buoys to transport the bike when swimming (spare bike tubes and tape should be enough);
• Sun screen;
• Gaiters.

The organisation does not provide sleeping material during the race:

• Sleeping bag and mat.

The use of the following means or instruments during the race is strictly forbidden:

• Bad or non-certified safety equipments;
• GPS;
• Motorised vehicles;
• Maps not provided by the organisation.


Important Notice: Verifications of the current list will be made at certain points along the route and teams may incur in penalties for misuse or absence of the permanent equipment. In case of doubt please check it with the organization at the registration office.










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