Equipment/ Logistics

Team Logistics

Items you need to take care for your team logistics:

    The race is planned for 81 hours and will have 3 (three) TA-Transition Areas and 8 (eight) TZ- Discipline Transition Zone.

  1. The race will start Thursday, 6 December at 07:00 and the finish line will close Sunday, 9 December at 16:00.
  2. The prologue is an Urban Multi Activity Stage and will start at Wednesday, 5 December at 20:00 and is planned for 3 hours maximum. The prologue score will be used to determined the start sequence and time splits for the race start – maximum 1 hour delay between the first team and the last ones.
  3. The teams during each of the race 5 (five) stages needs to be autonomous regarding to water, food, clothes and compulsory equipment;
  4. The teams will have access to his assistance bagsoxes and fresh water in the TA’s;
  5. The teams will drop and pick equipments in the TZ’s; water, food and clothes will not be available in these areas;
  6. The team bagsoxes are limited to 4 (four) with a maximum of 120 litres per item. These boxes should provide the team with their personal equipments, clothes, shoes, food, cooking gear, sleeping bags and mattresses;
  7. For the Transition zones the teams should prepare 4 different equipment packages – 1 (one) Rollerblade bag (big enough to contain the team rollerblades and protection pads), 1 (one) optional Kayak set (including paddles and floating live vests), 1 (one) snorkelling bag (containing wet suits, the 2 scuba masks and snorkel tubes and the two pair of fins) and a set of 4 (four) bikes with the bike shoes clip in and the bike lights and repair kits mounted (the bikes will be carried out of the boxes and ready to use);
  8. The organization provisional time schedule for the teams with the full assistance package is the following:
  • Thursday, 6 December from 00:00 to 06:00, deposit of the team boxes and the Kayak set at the XPD Race HQ-Vila Bicuda with the XPD Logistics Team.
  • Thursday, 6 December from 06:00 to 08:00, deposit of the bikes at the race departure area with the XPD Logistics Team. (The teams will ride with his own bikes from Vila Bicuda to the race departure – aprx. 10 min).
  • Thursday, 6 December from 07:00 to 08:00, Chasing start type departure (delays obtained from the prologue scores), the teams must carry the rollerblade bag to the end of the first section where they used it to package the rollerblade equipment.
  • At AT 3, the team must deliver the organization with the snorkelling bag;
  1. Along the way there will be numerous fountains with fresh water, small supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and hotels which facilitates the team needs for nutrition and hydration;
  1. The water from streams and rivers are not advisable for drink without the water purification tablets;
  2. The race does not enforce sleep compulsory stops, nevertheless for your sleep management please consider that we will provide reasonable conditions (hard floor, bathroom, showers and 220V AC current sockets for battery charging) at AT1, ZT 4, ZT 5, AT2, ZT6 (only hard floor) and AT3;
  3. The daylight period in December starts at 7:45 and ends at 17:15, so you will need to prepare for 3 long nights (3*14,5 hours=) 44 hours in total. The air temperature at night varies from 2ºC to 6ºC (cold) with a fair probability (50%) of light precipitation thus warm clothes and windstoppers/rain jackets are mandatory equipment at night (please see the meteo maps for last December in Portugal we attach). Personal lighting and bike lights are crucial for perfect navigation thus prepare enough battery supplies (you can buy it in Portugal);
  4. The Sport Ident chip cards used for control are version 5, each team needs 4 (four), one for each element (we can rent it at a price of 6€ each);
  5. The teams will also prepare a caution of 250€ to assure the equipments lend by the organization (Trikkes, Kayaks and eventually for paddles, PFD’s, SI cards and Global Tracking Device);
  6. Vila Bicuda has a supermarket and a baker shop, but in the vicinity (10 min walk) you will find other shops and a discount price supermarket – LIDL. A big Hypermarket – Jumbo and a Shopping Center – Cascais Village is available at Cascais City center (10 min bike).
  7. Currency change is available in some banks and at exchange currency Shops (Cascais Village and train station).
  8. Trains to Lisbon depart each 20 min from 6:00 to 2:00 and takes around 40 min to arrive at Lisbon city center – Cais do Sodré (links with subway, buses, boats and taxis).

Mandatory Equipment

Permanent equipment per team on all stages

  • Two compasses;
  • Two whistles;
  • Four survival blankets;
  • Four canteens or similar;
  • Four backpacks;
  • One First Aid Kit;
  • A mobile cell phone, disconnected and sealed;
  • Four flashing red lights, fully working, plus spare batteries;
  • Four headlamps or lights, fully working, plus spare batteries;
  • Four polar layers or similar;
  • Four “windstopper” or rain jackets;
  • Four hats or caps/buffs
  • One multi-tool pocket knife;
  • One spare control card;
  • Four SportIdent cards;
  • Four mountain bikes (MTB);
  • Four MTB front lights, fully working;
  • Four MTB helmets (approved model);
  • Two MTB repair kits, allowing the team to be autonomous in case of a breakdown;
  • Four harnesses (climbing approved model);
  • 12 locking carabiners;
  • Four stitched slings (60 cm) + 4 stitched slings (120 cm);
  • Four descenders;
  • Four cords for prusik;
  • Four pairs of gloves;
  • Four pairs of Inline skates;
  • Four sets of Inline skating protection pads;
  • Four waterproof bags;
  • Four paddles (provided by the organisation);
  • Four life vests (provided by the organisation);
  • Two light sticks + two white strobe lamps;
  • Four wetsuits;
  • Two diving masks and snorkels (fins are optional).

Recommended Equipment:

  • Waterproof map holder;
  • Cycle computer;
  • MTB map holder;
  • Altimeter;
  • Trash bags;
  • Lighter/matches;
  • Hiking poles.

The organisation does not provide sleeping material during the race:

  • Sleeping bag and mat.

The use of the following means or instruments during the race is strictly forbidden:

  • Bad or non-certified safety equipments;
  • GPS;
  • Motorised vehicles;
  • Maps not provided by the organisation.










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