The Estoril Portugal XPD Race is an international event within the framework of the global project of mediatization of Adventure Racing in Portugal and in the world. As one of the greatest competitions in the national territory, it will have an important coverage from the part of the national mass media and the international press specialized in this type of sportive activity/lifestyle.

The event will count on 300 participants from 16 different countries and so it will be covered by several TV channels, namely the national general channels, RTP 1 and 2, SIC and TVI, and also by RTP International, RTP Africa, SIC News, SportTV2, by the Spanish channels Tele 5 and TV Galicia, as well as by Eurosport international network.

The journalistic coverage will be ensured by 25 minutes broadcasts by the various RTP channels and by SportTV2 as well, in addition to 2 to 5 minutes news to be broadcast by all the other channels mentioned above.

In addition to the viewers of the various national channels, Eurosport guarantees visibility of this Race in more than 54 different countries in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia-Pacific. The YOZ Xtreme Mag will be broadcast in 8 different languages, thus allowing viewers to have a greater comprehension of what this event is all about.

The audience for the broadcasts and news is expected to vary from 30,000 to 1,000,000 viewers. The final overall number is expected to reach 240,000,000 persons.

Besides this TV coverage, the race will also be reported in the press and in the Internet, both nationally and internationally.

In Portugal, XPD Race will be published in 15 websites through articles and releases, accompanied by photos of the event. Overall, approximately 50 pieces of news on the event will be released by such media as,, InfoBTT, BTTindex, Diário do Barreiro, OnorteDesportivo,, Rostosonline, DiáriOnline, GuiadePortugal, Portaventuras, PortalBTT, velocipedi@,, and

The event will also appear in international websites specialized in adventure racing, such as Adventuremagazine and Sleepmonsters. This will allow a broader international dissemination through the release of approximately 15 pieces of news.

The Internet will be the permanent media enabling to follow the event closely, thus meeting the needs of nearly 440,000 adventurers.

The written press will also be present at the Estoril Portugal XPD Race 2006. Several articles will appear on magazines and newspapers, such as Bike Magazine, Men’sHealth, Correio da Manhã and Record. The high number of readers of these magazines and the fact that these daily newspapers are at the top of the sales in Portugal, are guarantees that around 205,000 readers will have access to information on paper concerning Estoril Portugal XPD Race.










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