The 2007 edition of the Estoril Portugal XPD Race will be the first big adventure race in Portugal to be part of the World League (Adventure Racing World Series – ARWS). For this reason it will qualify for the World Championship (ARWC Brazil 2008 – Ecomotion Pro), the winner being automatically qualified for this competition.

The magnificent Estoril Coast will once more welcome the best adventure racing international teams, allowing them to explore the vast potentialities of the municipalities of Cascais and Sintra and its magnificent Natural Park. It will be the opportunity to watch the best national teams competing at the highest level in Adventure Racing, showing their potential and their great knowledge and experience gained in the national territory.

Estoril Portugal XPD Race aims at showing the potential of our territory for Adventure Racing and the great Portuguese capacity to organize big international sports events.

The 2007 edition of the XPD will have the following model:

Date: 6 to 9 December
Estimated total distance: 450-500 km
Duration/Format: 4 days (+/-72h), Non-stop
Type of competition: Mixed ARWS competition (for mixed gender teams) and APCA Trophy (for male teams)
Crew: Provided by the organization* for the mixed competition; for the APCA Trophy it will be the responsibility of the teams
*(Only for teams that choose the full package)

A. Mixed competition – AR World Series

• Teams of 4 members
• At least one athlete of the opposed gender
• Non-stop format
• All the members permanently racing
• Prize money
• Qualifying for the ARWC in Brazil 2008

B. Male competition – APCA Trophy

• Teams of 4 members
• All male athletes
• Non-stop format
• Type of participation to be defined
• No prize money

Registrations are limited to sixty teams according to the order of the registration. (There are 30 vacancies for international teams, so it might happen that some Portuguese teams are put on hold, in a waiting list).










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