The Raid


The Guadiana River extends, in the Portuguese territory, for approximately 260km and has a hydrographic basin of almost 12000 Km2. Is a vast territory with a scattered population that mostly works in farms and small workshops.

The old Mediterranean forest and the cultivated land constitute the landscape of this region, famous for the cork trees that produce this amazing material for the small industries of the region. Vineyards and animal farming are the other two main economical activities in the region; thus “close encounters” between the racers and the cattle that patiently lie in the fields are more than likely.

This terrain has been populated since the Paleolithic ages, with several cultural influences that range from the Celts, to the Romans, Arabs and first Christians, integrated into ways of the local people.

Border land, this region has always been a battle ground, fact that explains all the fortifications and stone castles that can be seen. The apparently flat ground, turns by night, into a maze of small valleys sculptured by the countless water lines, mostly dry at this season.

Other dimension that will for sure surprise the racers is the area of the biggest fresh water reservoir in Portugal. It’s located in the region and has an area of more than 25 000ha which represents a volume of 4 150 hm3 in water. This numbers will turn your paddling skills into a determining factor. Other surprises hidden in this interior sea, named Alqueva, are the countless islands and rocks that will break the landscape monotony and bring the racers adrenaline to new levels.


Terras do Grande Lago - Alqueva
Câmara Municipal de Reguengos de Monsaraz
Câmara Municipal de Castro Marim
Câmara Municipal de Mértola
Câmara Municipal do Alandroal
J. Saraiva - Grupo de Resgate e Emergência
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - CEDAR
Hotel Rural Horta da Moura

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