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The Portugal XPD Race arises as the result of a continuous effort to promote Adventure Racing in Portugal. This race is intended to be the Portuguese contribution to the international community of Adventure Racing and Ultra Endurance Sports, to allow them to follow and enjoy the remarkable terrain and landscape Portugal has for leisure and for racing.

This year race follows last year successful event we organize in Algarve in both the concept and organization, with of course the necessary adaptations to ERL race format. This year the race will be played a little bit north of Algarve in the prairies and valleys of the Guadiana basin. The challenges are by this reason quite different and they will be shown in a crescent of emotion and difficulty. Speed, navigation, strategy, endurance and sleep deprivation will play the key roles in this race. The progression in the terrain will be mainly done in mountain bike, but hiking and paddling will also play a major role. The rolling sections will show for the first time in adventure racing history the newly 3 camber vehicles in actions; TRIKKE will thus be this race sensation.

Assistance will be other key point in this race, with the organization carrying all the teams containers throughout the race. The teams will progress in full autonomy between sections with only a small help from the organization at the transition areas between the sub-sections. Nevertheless, supporters and team journalists are welcome to follow the race at special spectator’s points that will occur during several occasions in the race. However no contact will be allowed between the supporters and the racers, only pictures and cheers will be allowed.

From all over the world, many are the racers and teams who contact us expressing their interest in knowing more of this extremity of Europe, our compromise with all of them is to give them the “a dam good race” and the best souvenirs from a late summer in the most beautiful and secret corners of this large, large river Guadiana….


Terras do Grande Lago - Alqueva
Câmara Municipal de Reguengos de Monsaraz
Câmara Municipal de Castro Marim
Câmara Municipal de Mértola
Câmara Municipal do Alandroal
J. Saraiva - Grupo de Resgate e Emergência
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - CEDAR
Hotel Rural Horta da Moura

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