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Partnership between TAP Portugal and Portuguese Association of Adventure Racing - Portugal XPD Race 2008
TAP Portugal has agreed with the Portuguese Association of Adventure Racing in the ambit of the XPD Race 2008 to be held in Estoril / Lisbon, from the 30th November to the 4th of December 2008, to offer a discount to the participants who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP Portugal’s website.

The discounts offered are the following:
- 15% in economy class
- 20% in business class

A code has been given to this event and must be mentioned when making the booking in order to benefit from the discount (this code can be requested to the organization by the email
To make the booking, the participant should follow these steps:
- enter the website and choose Advanced Search
- select flights and dates
- insert the event code in the Congress Code Box
In case of questions, please contact TAP Portugal by the following email:

Important Information
- The discount applicable to this event is only valid for online bookings made through TAP Portugal’s website and with payment by credit card. The ticket will always be an electronic ticket.
- Bookings made previously by travel agencies or at our desks are not eligible for this discount.
- The final price shown at the end of the booking is the final fare, including the discount and all related taxes. The discount is applicable only over the fare, excluding all taxes related to the voyage.
- The discount only applies to TAP operated flights. Bookings on code-share flights operated by other airlines or on other airlines flights are not permitted. Code-share and other airlines flights are identified on online bookings with the message “OP” or “SA” .
- The discount is not accumulative with fares for resident / student / child / infant /senior, etc.
- The discount applies only for travel to the event. It is valid for round trip journeys from any TAP destination to Lisbon.
- The booking can be made at any time. The travel dates must be comprehended in the period of 10 days before / 10 days after the event dates ( from November 20th to December 14th 2008 ). The dates of the event must be comprehended in the period of travel.
- The discount is also extended to the participants accompanying persons.
- The conditions and restrictions regarding changes and refunds are those of the applicable fare. Please check the fare details before ending your booking.


Other News

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