Natural Park of Arrábida 2008-12-02 01:10

Today, the Estoril Portugal XPD Race was mainly going through the Natural Park of Arrábia, so we decided to give you a little bit more information about it. Hope you it will be helpfull for you.

Created on the 28th of July 1976, the Natural Park of Arrábida is responding to the need to preserve the flora and vegetation of the park which constitutes an heritage of great relevance worldwide. The park extends over an area 10,800 hectares, covering the districts of Setubal, Palmela and Sesimbra. Includes elevations as the Mountains of S. Luís, Gaiteiros, S. Francisco, Louro and Arrábida, culminating in a magnificent landscape of paradisiacal beaches.

The Natural Park of Arrábida has the highest cliffs of Europe’s mainland, and its vegetation is a good example of what would have been the original vegetation of this area, the Carrascal. Besides this attractive, as already mentioned, the Serra da Arrabida has some of the most beautiful beaches of our country. The Portinho Arrábida is a good example of a magnificent beach, with has a water so blue that allows viewing the sea life. The transparency of these waters allows us to forget the pollution in the world.

Arrábida sit in a quiet apaziguante. The green of the trees blend with the blue sea and these two elements can see a fascinating mixture of colors.
There is a special mystique that we do when we are in this park, and eyes seem unable to process all the beauty that lie ahead. There is something in Arrábida that makes us love, that touches the soul in and forces us to come back again and again.

As a proof of adventure in this park the presence of man does not change the flora and fauna, but recover it, drawing attention to the need for its preservation. In Arrábida man and nature live in perfect harmony, there is a clear revival of rural areas and traditional activities, where the cheese of Azeitão and table wine are showing a perfect integration in the middle.
The Serra da Arrabida seems withdrawal of a fairy tale, a place like few today.

Hopefully, our athletes appreciated the inside of these magnificent mountains that Portugal has to make.

Rita Deodato


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