#28 Average Joes
Adventure Race World Series


Messages to Team

2008-12-04 14:40:23
Message: yo kate. so I was surfing (innocently), and find out you've downed the dracula books for a... holiday of sorts doing dangerous outdoor activities. Hope you had fun. If you're ever in London you should give the ol' gang a call. See ya, Dave

2008-12-04 14:24:51
From: Walky
Message: Don't know if you've finished yet or what, but what an achievement. I hope you had as much fun racing as I did deciphering this website...

2008-12-04 09:11:45
From: Walky
Message: Well Joes... Last day less than 4 hours until the finish. Make the most of it. Enjoy!

2008-12-03 23:06:06
From: Causeway
Message: Kate hope you're already on the road to recovery. Guys just keep chipping away at those CP's it's all good training for the next big one.

2008-12-03 21:52:48
From: Rachel
Message: Hey Joe, Joe, Joe and Joelle Can't believe I've only just found where to send these messages. Updates tell me someone's down with injury. So sorry to hear. Can't get Jonny-Joe on the phone, so guessing (hoping) you're still roaming. I hope you're still finding time for 'highs'... Keep chins up and don't forget you're still living the adventure - if just because of where you are. Thinking of you all! x

2008-12-03 14:49:59
From: Brian
Message: Well done lads from all in Fungieland keep it lit! Kate - tell Rowan more walkin less talkin!!

2008-12-03 13:20:15
From: Rick
Message: how come you never return my calls and messages? are you not in the house? jonny and paul, i would love to see you roller-skating!

2008-12-03 11:53:15
From: Henry
Message: Rowan ,Just think of it as training for "the slaughter"! Bad luck with the injury ....theres always next year.

2008-12-03 11:33:50
From: Annemarie McMahon
Message: Hi Honey (that's to Rowan) Hope you are enjoying yourself. Ok only joking I know you're not. Anyway you're doing what you love best. So head down and bum up. LOL. ps. Jenna says "go faster daddy"

2008-12-03 10:17:04
From: angela carlin
Message: Hey Kate, Can't get the updated results off the website, so not sure how you're getting on, but hope its going well for you.

2008-12-03 09:15:55
From: MCI
Message: Kate Hope you are OK. Hard to follow the coverage. We all send our love and are proud of you. Una Aod and Terry

2008-12-03 08:46:02
From: Fat Walky
Message: Damn good effort guys. That was a really good effort at your first 'major' AR. Sorry for your woes. You should all be proud of how far you got, and well you have done, but I'm sure that is no comfort. Remember the reason why you do this... Keep smiling, and look forward to the next race. With the kindest of regards, and admiration. FW

2008-12-02 22:15:47
From: Rick McKee
Message: Hi guys, been following your progress with great interest and admiration. Kate, sorry for your troubles - I hope you are feeling fine. Keep it going, guys.

2008-12-02 21:04:22
From: Heather Stone
Message: Bad luck team, I feel for you. Please email me how Kate is:heatherhebblethwaite@hotmail.com

2008-12-02 17:37:19
From: Mark Wilson
Message: Dont know if this will work but if it does. Go Joes Go! The clips in the web site look good. Haven't seen you yet mind. Hope things are going well. keep er lit!

2008-12-02 12:22:33
From: Fat Walky
Message: Keep Her Lit Joe's!!! Just keep hitting those CP's and just keep plodding on... And most importantly... KEEP ON SMILING!!!

2008-12-02 12:20:21
From: MCI
Message: Hope all is well. Keep going. Try something easier next time it looks ssoooooo hard. We hear knitting is less strenuous. Aod Una Ter

2008-12-02 11:47:56
From: Yogi
Message: Sleep deprivation and adventure racing, there's no greater combination!!! Hope you're enjoying it as much as possible, don't understand the scoreboard but I'm sure you're doing great. All the best for the rest Keep her Bucked!!

2008-12-02 09:47:51
From: Tim Orr
Message: All looks a bit mad to me! Keep it up and all best for the rest.