The Event


The race is one of the 6 races in the 2004 Series of the Expedition Racing League (ERL). So your team classification can be transfer into the ERL points system if you compete in the main competition class of this race, the mixed team category that will race for the PORTUGAL XPD Trophy.

In a special effort to promote Adventure Racing, the organization will allow teams that don’t comply with the ERL format to participate in the race in two other competition categories. One of the categories will have teams with only male elements and will compete in the same race lay-out as the co-ed teams, and they will be racing for the UTL Trophy. The other category will be for newcomers in long distance Expedition Races and for them the APCA Trophy will be the objective. These teams will choose to race on only one of the stages (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at their will. These last two categories have special registration requirements and a limited number of available spots.

The race will have three stages with several disciplines and with well defined assistance spots; the race course was planned with increasingly difficult stages and activities. As in last year “Raid do Algarve”, there will be both mandatory and optional PC’s and time limits to start the stages and eventually to some of the most technical activities.

The winner will be the team that makes the most PC’s in the least time, which is the same classification scheme that is being used in the Portugal Eco Aventura Series and that was used in last year “Raid do Algarve”. This way strategy and ability to plan the effort will be the determinant factors the team success.

Although it isn’t necessary to be an expert in the technical skills of the several sports, familiarity with all the progression methods and a strong team spirit will surely be needed to be able to cross the finish line.


Terras do Grande Lago - Alqueva
Câmara Municipal de Reguengos de Monsaraz
Câmara Municipal de Castro Marim
Câmara Municipal de Mértola
Câmara Municipal do Alandroal
J. Saraiva - Grupo de Resgate e Emergência
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - CEDAR
Hotel Rural Horta da Moura

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