Portugal XPD Race - Night Flight over the Altar of Sacrifice 2004-09-20

Somewhere in Alentejo-Portugal, sculptured by a strange river and surrounded by trees lays a natural amphitheatre full of legend and mystery.
In the middle of the amphitheatre, two high rocks erupt to form a natural plateau and at this place the Visigoths prayed and offered sacrifices to their gods.
Endovélico, was the name of the God that these old tribes who inhabited the Guadiana Basin venerated at pré-roman times.
A 250 meters Tyrolean traverse with the bike will lead all the racers to the altar during the first night of the Portugal XPD Race, at 7 October 2004. But to arrive to this magic place the racers had to bike, to swim and to run for no less than 12 hours in a beautiful old Mediterranean landscape.
These are the first lines of a big, big story…. The Portugal XPD Race is now in full throttle towards the R-day; 19 teams with racers from 10 different nationalities are already preparing the last European Expedition Race of the Year. The relevant race details and rules are now published - 520 km with around 4500 m of ascent - “strategy” is the keyword to succeed in this very demanding race.
Night navigation ability and sleep control will be crucial to maintain the fast pace needed to accomplish all the CP’s. The 12 hours daylight and the expected mild temperatures will make the long journey through the many remains of the ancient times an as pleasant as cultural experience, for sure very different from the mainstream of the actual Adventure Racing layout.
Movies and pictures are available at the race website - - and help to know and understand the meaning of Adventure in Western European Lands.
There are still some spots available, so if you feel ready for discovery and adventure join us in October,


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