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Estoril XPD 06 Clinic’s Program

Estoril Portugal XPD 06 Clinic’s Program

Wednesday, 6th December 2006

09:00-10:00 – Reception and registration at Ponta do Sal–S.Pedro do Estoril

10:00-10:30Clinic’s Opening Session – Lecture Room at Ponta do Sal

Cascais Mayor, FPO and FEDO Presidents, Estoril Tourism Board President and Sintra-Cascais Natural Park Director

10:45-12:45Session 1        Race organization

Alexandre Guedes da Silva (PT), Ana Gabriel (PT) and Laira Campello (BR)

13:00–14:20 – Lunch *

14:30-16:00Session 2        Training and technical skills

Mónica Aguilera (SP)

16:30-18:00Session 3        Route planning and mapping

Jorge Baltazar (PT) and Alexandre Reis (PT)

18:15-19:45Session 4        Controlling

Rui Gomes (PT)

19:50–20:50 – Dinner*

21:00-22:15Session 5        Scoring and timming

Eduardo Oliveira (PT)

22:20-23:35Session 6        Media and public relations

Alexandre Guedes da Silva (PT) and Gonçalo Bettencourt(PT)

Thursday, 7th December 06

09:00-12:30Workshop 1    Route planning software presentation

(1st Group)        Jorge Baltazar (PT) and Alexandre Reis (PT)

09:00-12:30Workshop 2    Rope techniques

(2nd Group)       Mário Silva (PT) and Francisco Silva (PT)

12:40–13:50 – Lunch*

14:00-17:30Workshop 1    Route planning software presentation

(2nd Group)       Jorge Baltazar (PT) and Alexandre Reis (PT)

14:00-17:30Workshop 2    Rope techniques

(1st Group)        Mário Silva (PT) and Francisco Silva (PT)

18:00-19:00Session 7        Equipment and logistics

António Salguero (SP)

19:10-19:40Closing Session

FPO and FEDO Directors + APCA President + ADA Desnível President


* - Meals at participant own expenses, 5 min train from Cascais City Center.


Estoril Portugal XPD Race

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