The raider profile

In Expedition Racing we normally find people from very distinct areas of activity and from very different places, ranging from the professional sportsman to the high tech consultant, passing by the students, doctors, housewives, etc. .
However in that diversity we can isolate some common characteristics and goals namely; a rich past full of sportive experience, a great love for the nature, a enormous need for the outdoors and above all a great spirit of adventure.

From their past as athletes the racers gather their experience in a large variety of sports techniques which transform them in polyvalent racers able to move in very different and hostile terrains. They also gain the needed physical endurance to overcome the long distances and periods of physical activity they are subjected during the race.

The love for nature and the need for the outdoor give them the inner strength and courage necessary in the difficult or dangerous situations, that are common in adventure and that make the difference of this sport to the other endurance sports. It also helps to temper the moods and to make the racer an expert in group dynamics and conflict solving techniques.

From the spirit of adventure rises their ability to deal with almost any situation with rapid and ingenious solutions and the natural capacity to read and interpretate maps and geographical information.


Estoril Portugal XPD Race

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